Non-woven Gauze Rolls Made in China


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鈻?Our History
Ningbo Tinsh Medical Dressing Ltd. was estiblished in 2002. Most of our products are for export for medical and rescue function. We began to supply to U.S. military contractor from year 2006. We often develop a product together with the contractor.
鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
Ningbo Tinsh Medical Dressing Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting kinds of products for medical and rescue use including military fight, outdoor, etc.. Based on 18 years of manufacturing and exporting experiences, and working by advanced technologies and equipments, cooperting with professional U.S. defenser contractor, our management team has established a set of strict quality control system and much experience. We provide our customers assurance that products and services delivered will meet or exceed their expectations. Hence we have gained satisfactions and trusts from U.S. military.
We focus on first aid products including military emergency trauma dressing bandage, Israeli truma bandage, first aid bandage, pressure bandage, EZ Gauze, Sterile gauze pads, emergence sleeves, tactical suction device, decompression needles, tourniquet, all various kind of first aid products for hemostasis.
We are dedicated to excellent quality and service. Please let us know if you would like more information about our products or prices. We will be happy to be of service to you in any way we can.
鈻?nbsp; Our Product
Trauma dressng bandage, Decomression needle kits, S-Rolld gauze, Tactical suction device, Pressure bandage, Steriled gauze pads, Israeli trauma bandage, First aid kit, IFAK bag, Tourniquet, Rescue sleeves, First aid bandage, Triaugular bandage,
鈻?nbsp; Product Application
Miltary, Medical, Outdoors, First aid, Rescue, Emergenc
鈻?nbsp; Our Certificate
鈻?nbsp; Production Equipment
Vacuum machine, Stitch machine, Seal machine, Heat machine, RF Weld machine
鈻?nbsp; Production Market
We have more than 15 years export to U.S. market for military contractor, Rescue/emergency trauma department and hospital.Non-woven Gauze Rolls Made in China