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Electro-thermal Blowing Dry Box
TY series electro-thermal blowing dry box is suitable for drying, baking wax and sterilization in Industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units
Technical Parameters
Power VoltageAC220V / 50Hz
Temperature control rangeRT+10-250℃
temperature fluctuation±1℃
Input Power300W550W1500W1700W1550W
Working room size250×260× 250350×320× 320350×350×350450×350×450550×450× 550
Outer Size530×480×420620×530×490700×610×520600×620×500840×670×730
Holder2 pieces
Timer Range1~9999min
Power VoltageAC220V 50HZAC380V 50HZ
Temperature control rangeRT+10-250℃
temperature fluctuation±1℃
Input Power1500W2050W2000W3500W4000W
Working area size550×350×550600×550×600600×530×750640×585× 1355840×600×1355
Outer Size840×570×730880×750×780880×720×930780×750×1880980×800×1880
Holder2 pieces
Timer Range1~9999min
Attn: Model A uses mirror-polished stainless steel tank
1. The inner tank is made of argon arc welding mirror stainless steel. The outer cabinet is made of high quality steel plate, beautiful and original.
2. The cabinet uses microprocessor P.I.D temperature controller with over-temperature protection and Digital display, which also have timer function.
3. Hot-air circulation system consists of continuous moving fan under high temperature and Suitable air duct, which can improve the temperature uniformity.
Overview of Structure
TY series Electro-thermal Blowing Dry Box is made of high quality steel plate with electrostatic spray. The inner tank is made of mirror polished stainless steel. Multi-layer carrier bracket with adjustable height. There is a suitable hot air circulation system in the cabinet. And the insulating layer is filled with ultra-fine glass wool. Users can observe the drying status from the double-layer toughened glass window. Silicon rubber sealing ring is used between the working area and cabinet door, to insure the door is highly sealed. The electrical control panel is assembled on the left side of the cabinet.
The heating system consists of electric heater, fan, suitable air duct structure and temperature controller. This machine equips with thermal protection device, alarm system and timer, which assures the high accuracy temperature control.Environmental Chamber in stock